For the premiere of the Ladies Fashion Night in Berlin, Stylist24 used a very special event location: our Coworking Space in Berlin-Schöneberg! With the smell of popcorn, cakepops and prosecco, more than 100 fashion bloggers were greeted. Our Dj played great music in the background and made a great atmosphere. In an area of 300 square meters, fashion, shoes and accessories had already been prepared, waiting for them to be combined and brought to life by the fashionistas. The first #ootd were found quickly! The girls could keep their new favorite pieces for free. That was a huge surprise for many girls.

This Get Together for Fashion Bloggers was also a special event for us. The event was sponsored by Stylist24, which provided clothing, shoes, jewelery and bags to our visitors. Stylist24 is an online shop for young fashion with the hottest brands and trends, they are always a stylish step ahead.

The evening started in a small round but the room filled quickliy. The girls danced through the room with the collared pieces and were excited. Not only from the event, but also from our rooms, which have been decorated by designers and artists. After the event, the guests were allowed to take their favorite pieces home. That was a highlight for the girls.

“Thanks for the invitation, I really did not expected it. The evening is just like you can imagine a Ladies Night. If I only knew, it will be so nice I would have token more friends with me. After I uploaded an image of the evening, I immediately got 4 messages from other blogger friends, where I was and why I did not take them with me“ says the Bloggerin Jule. And her friend also did not expected the event to be so much fun: “I’ve chosen 2 dresses and a pair of shoes, and I’ll definitely wear them this weekend.” Till 10 pm, the girls had fun, they took pictures selfies and some were standing in the line to take funny pictures with the photo box.

A make-up artist gave the girls the final look they wanted . “There were so many pretty women, it was very entertaining!“ says Claudia about the nice bloggers. She was suprised about the fact that the bloggers could do their make-up themselves. “They already came with great make-up, it was easy to do the make up. Just a few handles and done! You can’t imagine what an important part of the look it is for the bloggers, their make-up is everything!“